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Visa Certification

Net Worth Certificate comprises of the overall total net worth of an Individual or Enterprise detailing the total assets and liabilities. It is usually done after careful scrutinizing of bank accounts, records and other documents of the respective individual or the Enterprise and a Certificate will be issued on the Net worth of the Applicant / Parents of the Applicant.

Documents Required

Income Tax return for the past 2 years

Bank balance as on date of certificate

Bank Fixed deposits as on date of certificate

Fixed asset details such as Land/building with area & Market Value

Investment details such as Shares/ Mutual funds.

Details of all Loans - Outstanding balance of all Loans as on date of certificate

How does it Work?

Step 1
Submission of required Documents to WTC Team through E-mail
Step 2
Our dedicated professional would review & start working on it
Step 3
Our Team will send you the Draft audit findings through e-mail
Step 4
Only after your Discussion & confirmation , we will finalise the report
Step 5
Finalised & Complete certificate along with annexures will be sent to your E-mail for your records
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