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Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging based onScope & Number of Man-days/WTC

We provide quick and affordable Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging Service through 100% online process.

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    Fixed Asset

    Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging

    The person making the remittance to non – resident needs to furnish an undertaking (in form 15CA) accompanied by a Chartered Accountants Certificate in Form 15CB.


    Documents Required

    An Elobarate check list will be prepare by our Expert Team based on the Nature & Size of the Company

    How Does it Work?

    Submission of required Documents to WTC Teamthrough E-mail
    Our dedicated professional would review & start working on it
    Our Team will Send you Draft Tax Computation through email
    Only after your Discussion & confirmation , we will finalise the report
    Finalised & Complete Stock audit report will be sent to your E-mail for your records

    Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging

    Ensure the accuracy and security of your company’s assets with our professional “FIXED ASSETS VERIFICATION & TAGGING” service. Are you facing challenges in tracking and managing your fixed assets? Do you want to minimize losses, optimize asset utilization, and improve overall efficiency? Look no further! We specialize in providing comprehensive fixed assets verification and tagging solutions that will revolutionize your asset management process.

    Why Choose Us

    Why you should choose us

    Enhanced Asset Security

    Safeguard your valuable assets against theft, loss, or misplacement. Our meticulous verification process ensures accurate identification and traceability.

    Streamlined Asset Management

    Bid farewell to manual record-keeping and time-consuming audits. Our experts utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline your asset management system, reducing errors and maximizing productivity.

    Uncover Hidden Assets

    Our trained professionals meticulously search your premises, identifying all assets, including those that may have been overlooked or forgotten. No asset goes unnoticed!

    Actionable Insights

    Gain valuable insights into asset utilization, depreciation, and maintenance requirements. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your asset portfolio and reduce unnecessary costs.

    Scalable Solutions

    Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We adapt to your requirements and deliver customized solutions.

    Trusted Expertise

    With years of experience in the industry, we have a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes improve their asset management processes. You can trust us to deliver exceptional results.

    Fixed Asset

    What is Fixed assets verification & Tagging?

    Assets verification and tagging is a systematic process of verifying and documenting all the assets owned by a business or organization. It involves physically inspecting each asset, confirming its existence, and ensuring that it matches the recorded information in the asset register or inventory. The purpose of assets verification and tagging is to ensure accuracy, transparency, and accountability in asset management. By affixing tags or labels to each asset during the verification process, businesses can uniquely identify and track their assets more efficiently. These tags or labels typically contain information such as asset codes, descriptions, and other relevant details.
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    Steps involved in assets verification and tagging


    Benefits of Fixed Assets verification & Tagging?

    Accurate Asset Inventory

    Verification and tagging provide an opportunity to reconcile the physical existence of assets with the recorded information. It ensures that the asset register or inventory is up to date, accurate, and reflective of the actual assets owned by the business.

    Prevent Loss and Theft

    The tagging process involves affixing unique identifiers to assets, making them easily traceable and identifiable. This acts as a deterrent against loss and theft, as tagged assets are more likely to be recovered and can discourage unauthorized removal.

    Enhanced Asset Tracking

    Tagging assets enables businesses to track their movement from one location to another, enhancing overall asset tracking capabilities. Real-time location monitoring becomes possible, allowing for more effective asset utilization, optimizing asset deployment, and minimizing asset misplacement.

    Improved Maintenance and Repair Management

    Asset tagging facilitates the tracking of maintenance history, including repair schedules, service records, and inspection dates. This enables businesses to proactively manage asset maintenance, ensuring timely repairs, reducing downtime, and prolonging asset lifespan.

    Compliance and Audit Readiness

    Fixed assets verification and tagging assist in meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Accurate asset records and comprehensive documentation make audits smoother and help businesses demonstrate accountability and transparency.

    Financial Accuracy

    A thorough verification process helps in accurately valuing fixed assets, determining their depreciation, and updating financial statements accordingly. This ensures that the financial records of the business reflect the true value of assets and comply with accounting standards.

    Decision-making and Planning

    With accurate asset data and real-time insights, businesses can make informed decisions regarding asset utilization, maintenance, replacement, or disposal.

    Decision-making and Planning

    This aids in optimizing resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenses, and improving overall operational efficiency.

    Decision-making and Planning

    By conducting fixed assets verification and tagging, businesses can streamline their asset management practices, mitigate risks, enhance security, and make well-informed decisions that contribute to their long-term success.”

    Assets Verification and Tagging

    Our “Assets verification and Tagging” Service includes the following

    Asset tagging begins with a Fixed Asset Register. It is a detailed list of all fixed assets which are owned by a business. It helps to accurately record and maintain financial information of every asset.

    Fixed Asset Register Exists in 2 Formats:

    • Excel Spreadsheet
    • Fixed Asset Management Software

    Key Benefits:

    • Provides complete information on asset history, current status, and location for audit trail purposes
    • Compliance with statutory requirements of Companies Act
    • Reflecting an accurate fixed asset value in the balance sheet
    • An accurate reference to ensure that the appropriate level of insurance is in place, which in turn avoids any over payment of insurance premiums
    • Facilitates a quick & smooth asset audit and verification process
    • Simplifies month and year-end processes by providing an up to date asset data
    • Improves the utilisation of assets across the business and avoids the duplication of asset purchases

    Asset tags are labels that are targeted to monitor and keep a track of the organization’s physical assets. They act as a stable foundation for a smooth process of inventory control of equipment for enterprises.

    Asset tags help in managing physical capital, along with tracking and preventing any kind of asset theft/pilferages.

    Key Benefits:

    • Theft prevention and increased security of assets
    • Completion of required compliance

    Physical Verification of Fixed Assets is a process carried by Auditors, Consultants, and Authorities to make sure that the physical assets by the company exist. This is important for asset tracing and recovery of lost assets if any.

    Key Benefits:

    • Having a consolidated physical report for all the sites & assets
    • Reconciliation between physical count and book count
    • Computing differences and identifying the reasons
    • Providing physical verification report
    • Apprise comfort to Statutory Auditor in compliance with Companies Act

    Is the process of cross-checking financial records with managing a physical inventory or record.

    Key Benefits:

    • Accurately presented and managed inventory with proper financial records of the company
    • Gathering evidence for manufacturing or retail-based businesses that stand for a large balance of assets and capitals
    • Identifying if the value of an inventory is accurately presented in financial records and settlements

    Standard deliverables of Fixed asset verification services




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