Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging based on Scope & Number of Man-days

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Fixed Asset Verification & tagging

Physical Verification of Fixed Assets is a procedure that is conducted by auditors to ensure that the assets of an entity exist in reality and also to track fixed assets for valuation, financial accounting, precautionary maintenance, and theft prevention. It is of extreme importance for every organization to carry out the physical verification of fixed assets, at regular intervals. Our team of experts and specialists have extensive industry knowledge and experience in serving clients (like Manufacturing gaints, Banking companies & Retail outlets) with Fixed assest management solutions, including physical verification of fixed assets, Tagging of FA.

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Documents Required

An Elobarate check list will be prepare by our Expert Team based on the Nature & Size of the Company

How does it Work?

Step 1
Submission of required Documents to WTC Team through E-mail
Step 2
Our dedicated professional would review & start working on it
Step 3
Our Team will Send you Draft Tax Computation through e-mail.
Step 4
Only after your Discussion & confirmation , we will finalise the report
Step 5
Finalised & Complete Stock audit report will be sent to your E-mail for your records.
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